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St. Vrain Valley Community Service Scholarship

Sponsored by

The Longmont Daily Times-Call and

The Longmont Community Foundation



The Daily Times-Call and the Longmont Community Foundation will award $500 scholarships to two students from each St. Vrain Valley High School who has completed a minimum of 100 hours of community service in the past year. 


Type or print using blue or black ink.  Do not send grade transcripts or supporting documents because this scholarship is based solely on community service.  Applications are due by noon on March 4, 2003.

Student Information


First Name _______________________ Last Name___________________________________


Mailing Address_______________________________________________________________


City_____________________________ ST_______ Zip___________


Phone_________________________________ Social Security Number____________________


Birthdate__________________  Male   Female  Parent or Guardian______________________


Student Service Information


Number of hours served (minimum 100)_______

Please list non-profits served 




Submit a ONE-page essay telling about your community service and no more than TWO one-page letters of recommendation from non-profit agencies documenting your service hours.               


Each student who receives the St. Vrain Valley Community Service Scholarship is eligible for nomination of a matching $500 scholarship from the Presidential Freedom Scholarship program. 


For more information please contact the Longmont Community Foundation

401 Main Street   Suite 102   Longmont, CO  80501   303-678-6555