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  The Daily Times-Call
Official Newspaper of the Fair Fan!


August 4th through 12th
Boulder County Fairgrounds


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A Day At The Fair!

Daily Drawings for Prizes
Keepsake Photos in front of the
Times-Call Fire Truck
Chronicles of the Past

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Click on a name below to see a Day at the Fair photo
The Day at the Fair photo crew: Jeff Gugliotto, Brynna Huber-Kinney, Kim Scogin, and Amber Shramek

Photos taken on August 12

Turner Cornett

Kay,Mark, Jack,and Lauren Gallegos

David,and Stephanie Hass

Ben Bernhardt and Tommy boy

Chris Stutzman

Stue and Calvin Hicar

Kristie,Larry,Robert,and Andrew Runn

Gillian,Tess.and Caitlin

Neil,Stacy,Nelson,and Sadie Prather

Zach Spencer

Karen Kelly



Steve,Sue,Jacob,and Joe Taylor

Sean And Chris Lydon,Tony Michaelis

Michele and Paige Keener

M+M Newnham

Joe Knight,and Everett Schneider

Andrea Comeau-Lasalle,and Punkin

Beth,Annie and Alexa Lister

Tractor Parade

Tactor Parade2

Photos taken on August 11

Mary Hoeft

Yayoi Miller, Yoko Franks

Jasper Veeann, Shane and Melissa

Suger the Clown

Nudge and Mabel

Ashley,Monique Custer

Raul,and Dane

Alissa Veuthey,and Shickerdoodle



Aubey, Fred, Kodiak and Shayanne

Terrie Sablo

Erica, Shannon and Austin

Debra Miner, Bill Booker and Isabelle

Abby and Tannea


Carole Berthold



Hoss, Snow Flake

Kathy and Zane Plache



Brianna Livehgood and Avalanche


Shane, Cheryl and Austin McCoy

Matt, Alen, Levi and Wriley


Erica Haislip and Dasiy

Casey Cushman




Jody Baron, Myrt Wimer and Nacey Rutt

Joe Persichetti

Sufflock, Yak

Avery Oatman, Claire and Feigal Heidi

Kati,Melissa Parker

Blacky and peach


Beethoven,Cactus Moon

Evetette Jackson

Stephan, Shane and Ryan

Terry Schemmel


Jenna Feavel

Gun Smoke

Photos taken on August 10


Flowers,and Heather,and Samantha

Mr ED,Buddah

Brandon Cook,Jody Gewocsmi

Calce,and Andrea Rlistein

Manlyn,and Jaime

Keith Booston

Baley Delaroy

Thikster the coyote

Andela Bechtle,and Chloe

Ann Spencer,P.J Villivan

Dave, Ava and Madeline Erger

Keithen, Morgon



Rollin & Donna Yates and Jerian & Danicla Atwood


Chris Aogerty,and Jason Halstorm



Ali Hopper


Seth Rink,and Ryan

Alicva Gettel

Heather and the animals

Bre Simpson,Lacy Kindle,Andy Johnson,Kate,Katie Ingram

Kyria Dane

Sawaqdeh's Clocks!

Mika Craig

James Graham

Deb, Sarah, Megan and Merrick

Scott, Lee

Chrissy, Buddhe

LeAnn,Sabrina,Nicole the Dewys


Abrian Salooand spirit

TraeAnn Follett and Duke

Vateria Riberio

Sylvia and her Candles

Wendell Witts, Buck

      Patty Vickland, Jake

    Stephanie Hass, Daisy

Lyle Coffeld, Cybele Pelcher

Jake, Beth, Craig, Mistey (dog)

Jessica, and Buckweat

Cherie McCanless Even

Leonardglack,Robert Balgier

Nike Holubee

Gaye Gearrett

Danna Stratman

Scott Townsd Katie

Brinna, Alexa,Cayla,Jennie,Heather



Photos from August 5 & 6
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