Road control proposal speeds up

By John Fryar
The Daily Times-Call

DENVER — A Boulder County lawmaker’s proposal to keep slower-moving motorists from backing up traffic in the fast lane got preliminary House approval in a Friday voice vote.

House Bill 1076, which Boulder Democratic Rep. Alice Madden, D-Boulder, said was essentially “written by the Colorado State Patrol,” would attempt to limit the far-left lanes of interstates and other high-speed divided highways to vehicles using that left lane to pass other traffic.

Madden’s bill, which would only apply to stretches of highways where the speed limit is at least 65 mph, would make it a Class A traffic infraction to drive in the passing lane of a divided highway unless the motorist is passing other vehicles or turning left.

Once drivers are finished passing slower-moving vehicles, they would have to merge back into the center or right lane unless the volume of traffic doesn’t permit that to be done safely.

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